Bloch Leather Ballet Shoes


Classic pink RAD certified leotard for lessons and examinations by Freed.

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Classic pink Bloch leather ballet shoes for lessons and examinations.

Traditionally ballet shoes are manufactured one size smaller than your street shoe size.

Example, for street shoe Size 4, please order ballet shoe size 5.

Ballet Shoes are compulsory for ballet lessons at any level. Full uniform is compulsory for Pre-Primary and Primary ballet lessons and will be required for entry into RAD examinations.

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8s – Narrow, 8s – Standard, 8.5s – Narrow, 8.5s – Standard, 9s – Narrow, 9s – Standard, 9.5s – Narrow, 9.5s – Standard, 10s – Narrow, 10s – Standard, 10.5s – Narrow, 10.5s – Standard, 11s – Narrow, 11s – Standard, 11.5s – Narrow, 11.5s – Standard, 12s – Narrow, 12s – Standard, 12.5s – Narrow, 12.5s – Standard, 13s – Narrow, 13s – Standard, 13.5s – Narrow, 13.5s – Standard